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Profit First

Why Profit First Will Make You Question Everything

The Age-old Equation

The GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) formula for determining a business’s financials is Sales – Expenses = Profit. It is simple, logical and clear. Unfortunately, it’s a lie. The formula, while logically accurate, does not account for human behavior. In the GAAP formula, your share is a leftover, a final consideration, something that is hopefully a nice surprise at the end of the year. Alas, the business and you continue on your check to check survival.

Our Difference

With our method, you flip the formula to Sales – Profit = Expenses. Logically the math is the same, but from the standpoint of the entrepreneur’s behavior, it is radically different. With this method, you take a predetermined percentage from every deposit first, and only the remainder is available for expenses. This means more money in your pocket from the moment you change.

Pierce & Company can put more in your pocket

Our firm is one of the select few, globally, that has received a Mastery Level Certification in Profit First. What does this mean for you? We will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Of course, we provide excellent accounting services, and we work aggressively to legally reduce your tax liability, both of which you should expect from any CPA you work with. What sets us apart is that we also drive profitability in your business - and help you keep more of what you make.

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Reconcile bank accounts
Reconcile credit cards
Reconcile deposits
Monthly journal entries
Pay Bills    
Prepare Vendor 1099s  
Track Receipts  
Paperless bill & receipt access  
Annual tax preparation
Sales Tax preparation  
Coaching/ Advisory      
Financial statements Monthly Monthly Quarterly
Budgeting tool  
Tax planning  
Video check-in meetings Monthly Quarterly Annually
KPIs and business analytics    
Business Coaching    
Rockstar Support    
Prepare payroll  
Process payroll tax payments  
Prepare payroll tax returns  
Prepare W-2s  
Process 3rd party payments  
Electronic W-2s & pay stubs  
Direct Deposit or pay card  
Pay as you go workers comp  
Human Resources    
Profit First Cash Flow System      
Annual Profit First Instant Snapshot
Comprehensive Profit Strategy Blueprint  
Introduction to PF- PDF of core 5 chapters
Introduction to PF- Free Profit First Book    
Unlimited access to Profit First University Rocket Launch
Kick-Off meeting
Empowerment Call - First Allocation Check-in Meeting (approx 2 weeks in)
Profit Meeting - Financial Statement Review & Profit Strategy Assessment Monthly Quarterly Annually
Year End Profit Review- Financials and Profit Assessment. New Profit Assessment for next year's Goal planning.  
Review 10th & 25th allocation  
Perform 10th & 25th allocation    
Response Time 24 hours 36 hours 72 hours

In three easy steps, our team can help you
find your path to a sustainable, profitable business
and more individual freedom.


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